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“Soooo this disclaimer is sort of obligatory, being part Colombian and growing up on arepas and plantains, but the food here isn’t as good as my mami’s.

That being said, it’s pretty freaking good. The pelua is my favorite, and the sweet plantains are my BFFs. The sugar cane juice is super sweet but super yummy. You won’t regret any of your choices here. Really. Your hands and face will probably be a mess, but you will have no regrets.

The service is professional. It may take a while for your food to come out, but it’s being made just for you, so be patient!”

Decatur, GA

Sara M.
“I immediately fell in love with this place.  They essentially make three things: arepas, empanadas, and cachapas.  I was there for the arepas.  An arepa is a simple thing: a fist-sized (my fist is a little larger than average) bundle of delicious fillings inside a cornmeal cake.  And you eat it like a hamburger.  I had the Pabellón (shredded beef, black beans, plantains, feta).  It seemed like a total crowd-pleaser, and I can see why.  I wanted to eat two of them, but I also got to try the cachapas. This is a slightly sweet corn pancake with Guayanés cheese.  Delicious.  And filling!

The hot sauce has some real heat in it, and it sneaks up on you.  Be careful!  I liked its not-so-hot alternative.

We also tried a soda called Malta Polar.  They might try to describe this to you as a “heavier cream-soda.”  Don’t believe them.  It’s actually a molasses soda.  It was tasty, but to me, this is the kind of thing you might drink for dessert after your meal.  I tend to think that the stuff you drink with your meal is light, and has some palate-cleansing properties.  Malta Polar is not light, and it won’t clean the palate.  I would not suggest one drink it as a “refreshing” drink during the meal.  Save it for later.

Service was very friendly, and the suggestions the cashier made were spot-on.  (Though it did seem like there was a long wait between the time we ordered, and the time our food was served.)  Still, the wait was worth it.  It’s easy to see why these folks have a line at lunchtime.  The food is excellent.

I’m definitely going back to try a different arepa.  Holler if you’re coming with.”

Jonesboro, GA

Mick D.
“A food truck favorite mine.  Arepas are small flatbreads made from cornmeal, they remind me of hoecakes (that’s a southern thing). I typically order the beef but they had an octopus arepa I had to try.  The octopus was cooked very well not chewey which I feared and seasoning was not bad either. I really loved it too bad its not on their regular menu.  I’ll pay a visit if I’m at Sweet Auburn curb market or just keep a look out for their flying pig food truck.”

Atlanta, GA

Nekiba M.
“This place is pretty simply awesome. Arepas are a special treat and they’re a big explosion of excitement in a little pouch that you may not expect much from at first.

I ordered the pernile.  I’m a sucker for pork – YUMMMM.  I also go the Domino because I enjoy plantains.  I do.

The pernile was absolutely, beautifully delicious. I mean, I can’t ask for a better meat pocket than that. The domino was tasty but a little mushy without any meat inside. They were approximately 6.50 each.. and they’ll fill you the heck up. Seriously.
I can’t wait to go back and try more flavas!

Also note: they’re super messy. Don’t try to take it to go if you’re getting in the drivers seat!

As I’ve mentioned on my other Sweet Auburn Curb Market reviews – beware that your parking fee is $5 per hour..”

Dunwoody, GA

Heidi P.
“I’m originally from Venezuela but living in Los Angeles. I was in Atlanta working on a documentary and the crew asked me if I knew of any venezuelan places here. After doing my search on Yelp I came across Arepa Mia.

Wow this was incredible. It was exactly how I rememberes the food back home. My friends all loved it and really want to come back for more. We even inspired some of our local crew to bring people over.

Things to get while here:

1. Arepa Reina Pepiada
2. Arepa  de Pabellon
3. Arepa de Pernil
4. Papelon con Limon (sugar cane lemonade)

Those are my favorite things but everyrhing is very traditional venezuelan cooking. Dont miss out!!!!!”

West Hollywood, CA

Alvaro B.

I had never been to sweet auburn market before. After getting there i was not impressed. Empty spaces , low quality produce and meats. I mean what’s the big deal?

Just walking around with my wife I saw this place called Arepa Mia with a line of people waiting. Never heard of this arepa item before. Long line made me want to pass but we were hungry and when I saw a guy take a bite of his arepa and instantly smiled as wide as possible with food in his mouth I knew I had to try these arepa things. I am glad as they are sooo yummmmmy.

After waiting for about 30 minutes we got ours. I had the domino with black beans ,cheese,  lettuce , chimicuri, grilled onions and peppers and plantains and their house hot sauce. (careful with the hot sauce it is freaking hot.) mine does not come with all mentioned above but if you are willing to pay a bit extra they will make yours like you want.

My wife had the Pernil. It’s slow cooked pork with caramelized onions and some special sauce. Both our arepas were generously stuffed with the best quality ingredients.

A side of their mixed chip basket ( wish they had some hand cut french fries. FU dont judge me) and sugar cane drink ( yup sugar cane ) and the arepas pretty much transported us to heaven or Venezuela. (LoL).

There is not a lot of sitting area and these things get messy yummy but messy. Next time I am brining fork knife spoon and a couple if sheets of xtra strong bounty.

Oh and they will pay for your parking when you buy an arepa.

This is an awesome spot for lunch or snack. I can’t stress enough that you try this place. Once you try these awesome arepas you will start hating subway McDonald’s and Burger King forever.”

Thomaston, GA

Tony G.